At Mory and Meier in Munich, Garching we offer (almost) limitless possibilities.  This special printing method does not depend on forms or materials. Whether largely or small, thinly or level, nearly everything is realizable to full customer satisfaction. Also with the choice of materials you don’t need to lower your sights. The most common materials are plastic foil, adhesive foil, cardboard, PVC, paper, many metals as well as wood and glass.

A popular example are all kinds of stickers, type signs, ground stickers, device screens, security etiquette (vignette, test badges), magnet signs, innovative printed mouse pads (discreetly without foam rubber) and, for example, exclusive refining of catalogues. Popular are also colour pattern data in catalogues which should contain varnish effects.

An especially innovative advertising idea is also the so called photochromatic print. Extremely nobly and stylistically and innovative annual reports or advertising brochures can be made with this unique technique.

By UV drying and the suitable use of colours with the silk screen a high degree of weather permanence can be reached. Colours grow pale more seldom than customary printed forms. Above all silk screen is recommended for all kinds of signs, aluminium POS displays, plastic tarpaulins or plastic records which are resistant to the ultraviolet rays of the sun or frost and heat.