Siebdruck München Mory + Meier GmbH erhalten Auszeichnung

Advertiser: Austria Solar – Verein Zur Foerderung Der Thermischen Solarenergie
Product: Solar Energy Provider
Entrant Company: Serviceplan Munich
Country: GERMANY
Year: 2012 Award: Grand Prix


Brief Explanation
The main objective was to create an annual report that could only be read under sunlight. Therefore, the most challenging part was to determine the right mixing ratio of the photochromatic colours, in order to render the report all white under artificial light.

Describe the brief from the client

We were briefed to develop a remarkable medium, which had to portray Austria Solar as a consistently innovative inter-trade organisation of the Austrian solar industry.

Description of how you arrived at the final design

After many tries, we discovered the right mixing ratio. In the end, we used environmentally friendly photochromatic colours in just the right amount so you could not see anything without UV exposure.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market:

The report was so well received that we had to have it reprinted. We received more than 400 requests from all over the world, eg. Ernest & Young, the Austrian office of the Federal Chancellor, the TED conference, Greenpeace to name a few. As an additional result, the printing company Mory & Meier is being overwhelmed with orders.


Name                                     Company                                                     Position
Alexander Schill                                                                                        Chief Creative Officer
Chr. Everke/Cosimo Moeller/A. Nagel                                            Creative Directors
Moritz Dornig                                                                                              Copywriter
Matthaeus Frost                                                                                        Art Director
Christina Paulus/Stefanie Zillner                                                       Account Supervisors
Mathias Noesel                                                                                          Graphic Design
Stefan Meier                        mory & meier                                            Print Shop
Mr. Waldmann                   Buchbinderei Ruffert                              Bookbinder